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When is the Right Time to Get a Roof Installation?

It’s not often that we look up to our roof. We walk past it everyday, not thinking about how long we’ve had it, any damage that could have been done to it when we weren’t paying attention, or when the right time to get a new roof is. That’s why Gallatin TN Roofers are there to help when you finally do look up. Here are a few ways to know if it’s time for you to get a roof installation.

The age of the roof

Your roof works hard all year to protect your home against the natural elements such as extremely hot and cold temperatures and strong winds. Over time, wear and tear will happen. Roofers in Gallatin TN know that most roofs should last around 20 years, give or take. But there are other factors that can change the number of years. If your roof is not properly ventilated, then you may need a roof installation sooner than you thought. Also, if it only has one layer of shingles, this may move the time frame up as well.


You can look to your shingles to see if you need a roof installation in Gallatin TN. If you notice that your shingles are curling, then you may have a problem. Often you will see this in spots that get hit with direct sunlight the most. Direct sunlight can cause the shingles to curl and lose granules. This could be a sign that they have exceeded their life expectancy, and it’s time to call a professional for an estimate.

Also, if you notice that your shingles are falling off and missing in some places, you’ll want to start considering a roof installation. While there can be some defective issues with the roof, often it is just a sign that it’s time to be replaced. A good rule is to check your gutter when you clean it out for any shingle granulates. This will tell you that you’ve got a problem.

You see daylight through cracks or have leaks when it rains

Professional roofers in Gallatin TN will let you know that if you can see sunlight coming through your roof, then you are ready for a new one. Check your attic for any leaks that may be occurring, and if you can see the light through cracks up there, then you know it’s time to get that corrected. If you choose to wait, you may find that you will have even more damage to your home beyond the roof, and it will end up costing you more money down the road.

Ask a professional

When you start noticing that your roof isn’t performing as it has in the past, then it is time to involve a professional roofer in Gallatin TN. They can guide you through the process and give you an estimate based on what your needs are. They have the expert knowledge to let you know what the problem signs are, and that way when you do look at your roof, you’ll be aware of what to take notice of first.