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Is your roof in a seeming state of disrepair? Do you have missing, loose, or falling-off shingles? Did a recent round of infamously extreme Nashville weather deliver major blows to your home’s or business’ exterior, leaving the roof with minor or severe damage? Are you considering a new color scheme on the outside of your home or building, and want an entirely new roof to complete the look? Did your insurance company suggest or mandate repairs to your roof to lower your premium or insure you at all? Would your business benefit from an updated, or more tailored, design?

Regardless of your roofing needs, Nashville Roofing Experts has you covered.

Why Nashville Roofing Experts?

The professionals on our team fill all the qualifications you need. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, so that you can rest easy knowing your roof is in good hands. Our experienced and dedicated roofing experts can handle any concern you may be having with your roof: sagging, buckling, missing shingles, storm damage, roof replacement, bowing, leaks, or any other issue you are experiencing. We pride ourselves on our dedication to our customers and their complete satisfaction with our work. Making certain that we not only do the job right, but that you are absolutely happy with the result, is our top priority.

In the event that you are having extensive work done, a complete overhaul or “gut job”, building new, or otherwise working with a general contractor, it is often best to still have a roofing expert in your corner. We will advocate for your (and your roof’s) best interests in the process, and work with your general contractor to insure that you are both satisfied with the overall result of your newly built or remodeled home, as well as getting the best quality work out there.

Decisions, Decisions

Whether you are buying a home and considering the costs of major repairs like the roof, need work done on the home you currently live in, or need roofing work done on a commercial site, deciding whom to turn to can be a daunting task. How much will it cost? Will it be inconvenient to my everyday routine or business? Can I trust workers in and out of my home or building, possibly when I’m not there? Will they be professional? What if they make mistakes? How long will this take? Will my business appear closed during construction, and thus cost me valuable customers? Does my insurance cover this? What if it doesn’t?

All these questions and many more will probably run through your mind when making such an important decision, and we can answer all of them for you.

Things to Consider: For the Home

When trusting someone with a major home repair such as your roof, it is important to select someone who is reliable, honest, and arguably most importantly, good at what they do. After all, your home’s roof is not only one of the largest parts of your home’s structure, but it is possibly the most important. Under the roof of your home is where your life truly happens; where your children play, where you eat and sleep, where you kick back and watch the game or stream a movie, where you relax, where you spend more time than anywhere else other than work, where you LIVE. Keeping that important space safe and sound depends in large part on the durability of its construction, especially the roof. Weather damage, wear and tear over time, shoddy original construction and installation, and other issues can lead to an unwelcome surprise, like pests, leaking, or in worse case scenarios, a partially or fully collapsed roof. If any of these apply to your home, it’s time for a professional to take a look.

Types of Residential Roofing

There are a few different types of roofing that you may be considering for your home. Many times, people decide upon a roofing style simply because they like the way it looks. In reality, however, all aspects of the roof should be taken into account. The cost of roofing materials, for example, can vary greatly, from $50 per 100 square feet for composite shingles, upwards of $600 for slate roofing. Even if you love the look of a metal or slate roof, it may not fit into the budget you have.

In addition to the cost and look of the roofing you are thinking about having installed, it is important to know the different durability associated with each type and the maintenance involved in keeping them in their best condition. While composite shingles are the least expensive and common choice, for example, they are the least durable option, typically lasting between 15 and 20 years, and requiring a good deal of maintenance. It is true that for most homeowners, 15 to 20 years is the amount of time they would live in the home anyway, so this length of durability isn’t a concern, especially not when considering the low cost of the product and installation.

For some, however, a metal roof, (which many people love for the way it sounds during a rainstorm), or quaint and cottage-like wood shingle and shake roofing, are more desirable not only for their looks but because they have increased durability of between 20 and 40 years.  Another option, tile, can last 50 years or more, and is extremely low maintenance, though it carries a heftier price tag. Finally, slate roofing, also an expensive option, has the best durability and can last for centuries with minimal maintenance. Truly historic homes would be an obvious choice for this type of roof.

Things to Consider: For Business

An obvious concern for business owners and the one we are asked about most often is, “How will this affect my business’ bottom line and operating hours?” Losing business traffic because of drawn out construction, disrespectful or unprofessional crews, and inconsiderate timing is something no business owner would want to, or should have to, deal with. Our team will do everything possible to get in and get gone, all while staying professional and courteous, and getting the job done right. We will also work with you to decide when and how the construction process will work, and be upfront with you about the time it will take to complete the job. Honesty is the best policy, and it is most certainly ours. By being clear and open about the entire process, we will make certain you will be included and in the know the entire time.

Types of Commercial Roofing

When considering the type of roofing to use for your business, often cost, design, and maintenance are the three most important decisions. The most common type of commercial roofing, just like residential roofing, is composite shingles. Not only are they cost effective, but they are also durable. While of course you could opt for metal, wood, slate, or tile for your business for many different reasons, the most cost effective is by far composite. However, many businesses have a certain design aesthetic in mind, such as a South Western, Old World, Spanish, Industrial, or Rustic look, and therefore the cost of the project may be second to the design. After all, you want to appeal to the customers you cater to, and an investment in your building’s overall style, including the roof, may be an important part of your success.

Other Considerations for Commercial Properties

In addition to the design and cost of a roof replacement, commercial properties offer a unique, and sometimes problematic, situation; many businesses owners do not own the building that they conduct business from. When this is the case, it may not be possible to do exactly what you want for a variety of reasons, such as lease restrictions, neighborhood restrictions or codes, disagreements with landlords, or problems with insurance.

Our professionals have dealt with all of these circumstances, and will strive to help you reach a conclusion that is desirable for all involved. If it is not possible to do a replacement and go with the style you prefer, we will be right there with you to adjust the plans accordingly, and still keep you satisfied. Your happiness with the result is our number one priority. Even if it isn’t exactly what you had in mind design wise, you can rest assured that the finished product will be structurally sound, and keep your business and investments safe.

Conversely, if you are the owner of the property and there are tenants occupying the space, the amount of time the job takes, as well as the affect it has on your tenants’ business, may be the most important thing to you. Not only is their inability to pay you a possible side effect of losing valuable business operating hours, but their perception of such things, or legal problems with the lease, may all be factors in your decision making. In any case, you can trust that our professionals will walk you through the process, meet with both you and your tenants if need be, and keep the entire experience as hassle free as possible for all of you.

Lastly, if a storm or other event has left your commercial property’s roof in need of repair, or if initial shoddy construction has caused leaks, sagging, or other structural issues, we can assess the damage and get you the service that you need as quickly and with as little stress to you as possible, all while having as little affect to your business as we can.

What About Insurance?

While it may be surprising, not all homeowners’ insurance covers your roof. This can be a huge and costly shock if you were expecting help with part or all of the cost of a repair. If your roof has been damaged beyond repair or otherwise needs total or partial replacement, it can be frustrating to learn that you will be footing most or all of a large bill all alone. Though it may seem that there is no way you can afford such a project on your own, our team will do all we can to help.

We have worked with clients in similar situations many times, especially after the flood in 2010, and we are used to talking with insurance companies, giving estimates that are as affordable as possible, and providing you with the service you need, with or without homeowners’ insurance. You can also give us a call today to make sure that your existing insurance has the most coverage available, so you don’t find yourself in this situation in the future.

Choosing the Best Around

Regardless of your specific and individual roofing needs or concerns, the team of professionals at Nashville Roofing Experts have you, and your home or business, covered! We have some of the best customer satisfaction ratings around, and have the experience to get the job done right, to your complete satisfaction, the first time. Give us a call today to schedule a friendly and no-commitment required consultation.

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